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Trial by Night

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When sinister dreams plague his sleep, overworked college senior Matthew Morris does his best to take it in stride, until his waking hours also become something out of a nightmare. Hideous faces appear in mirrors. Strange odors materialize and suddenly vanish. A shadowy figure lurks by his bedside at night.

Though the people closest to Matthew are convinced that psychiatrists and meds are exactly what he needs, Matthew refuses to accept that insanity lies at the root of his problems. Struggling against the increasingly horrific events that continue to assail him, Matthew resolves to find the cause of his recent misfortunes – or die trying.



Hiding in the Dark

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A woman, stalked by a living terror from her distant past. A man, utterly consumed by his desire for vengeance. A house, decrepit and abandoned, save for its single monstrous inhabitant. The worlds in which these scenarios reside may differ, but all can be reached through the pages of Ben Crofton's debut anthology: Hiding in the Dark.


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About Ben

Ben writes fiction of a darker nature, what most would refer to as "horror". He doesn't write much in the way of "extreme horror" per se, preferring to craft tales that are more eerie than outright gory (most of the time). Interested in learning more? Check out Ben's Bio.


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